TBOSS Premium bathroom furniture

Your bathroom,
your story

Bathroom can be the soul of your home. Let’s go against the rules and create your individual bathroom where every furniture is telling a story about you. 

High quality materials
Endless variations

Create your dream bathroom


A versatile, modern product line with countertop sink. You can mix and match the elements to your liking. Numerous options are available for designing a unique bathroom.


Rounded edges, circular recessed handles feature a soft look to our Lido line. Great diversity of variations provide the perfect customizability.


The character of Luna bathroom furniture is given by the thick, excitingly shaped mineral composite washbasin with playful, milled handles. With all of these, you can smuggle an additional colour spot into your bathroom composition.


Compact furniture with comfortable wide mineral composite sink. The modern angular design creates an upscale effect, and the solid metal handles make our everyday use easy.

Keramag Icon

Cool and definite exterior with Geberit sink and plenty of storage space. The Icon mirror cabinet provides efficient lighting and the integrated lighting can make your furniture even more trendy.



Milled handles, push-open fronts, subtle edges characterise Jana line. This can be a practical little piece of jewellery in your bathroom. You will love the extra loading space by choosing the asymmetrical desktop.



27 product ranges with endless variations

Our furniture is inspired by life. Endless possibilities of variation are spanning our product families bestrewed with imaginative pairings.


European design, precise manufacturing

Our furnitur is designed by domestic designers following the latest trends and customer needs. The ergonomic design with wide range of colours, sizes and materials and practical storage functions is complemented with stunning finesse.

Our services



Manufacturer warranty

We provide a 1-7 year warranty on our products. (depending on the product) 




Why to choose TBOSS?


33 colours and 20 supplementaries

Ready-mounted products

Prime-elaborated mirrors

Soft closing hinges

Vacuum-pressed fronts and sides

Sinks from various materials


Get inspired in our TBOSS factory showroom with a varied palette. In addition to our products, you can choose from thousands of coverings and with a wide range sanitary ware.


About Us

The past two decades have been filled with arduous learning. Today, we continue to pursue the path of excellence thanks to our drive, our passion to change and excel. We are passionate about listening to our clients as well as being open to the aesthetics and standards of other cultures; our objective is to understand, learn, and find new solutions for you. 


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