TBOSS Premium bathroom furniture

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Learn more about the clear lines and modern concepts of TBOSS bathroom furniture. Inspire and choose the bathroom furniture of your dreams!

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A versatile, modern product line with countertop sink. You can mix and match the elements to your liking. Numerous options are available for designing a unique bathroom.
Rounded edges, circular recessed handles feature a soft look to our Lido line. Great diversity of variations provide the perfect customizability.
Minimal product line has been popular for years among our clients with customized solution needs. Unleash your imagination and create special colour combinations and it is guaranteed, that this solid and modern furniture will be an absolute focal point of your bathroom.
Urban design twisted with rounded edges and curved washbasin. In addition to practicality, Geberit Kolo ceramic washbasins provide the perfect quality to this line.
Cool and definite exterior with Geberit sink and plenty of storage space. The Icon mirror cabinet provides efficient lighting and the integrated lighting can make your furniture even more trendy.
Milled handles, push-open fronts, subtle edges characterise Jana line. This can be a practical little piece of jewellery in your bathroom. You will love the extra loading space by choosing the asymmetrical desktop.



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