TBOSS Premium bathroom furnitures

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Fully waterproof, high quality furniture with unique details and  wide range of elements.

Premium furnitures Introduction

When we were creating our TBoss ELEMENTS, we focused on materials. In the bathroom, our skin has direct contact with it’s environment, so it is important that it is a pleasant and warm encounter.


In the bathroom, our furniture is exposed to extra humidity and stress. Selecting the right material has an extraordinary importance. With our new collection we use bamboo plywood, compact board,  and innovative waterproof composite with outstanding features.


The development of our products is lead by a young professional design engineering team. We work in unity and focus on practicability. The aesthetics of the furniture follows our unified concept, but at the same time we offer sufficient variations in design, colours, sizes and materials to frame the perfect match for any bathroom.

Ceramic sinks

Our Tboss ELEMENTS furnitures are fitted with the range of well recognized Roca ceramic sinks. You can pick a counter-mounted or semi-recessed sinks, or with some product families you can even choose a full-width version. Counter-mounted or semi-recessed Inspira sinks are made with innovative technologie, which leads to extra-thin rim and especially strong ceramic material.


We believe the importance of nature treasures and support to conserve the resources of our Earth. This was also an important consideration in the selection of the three raw materials. In addition, when we were designing the Tboss ELEMENTS line, our principle was to produce for a really long life and to remain sustainable. 


Elegant lines, thin edges, slight angles are guiding the eyes through the sophisticated details of our ARTEA furniture. Soft colours, high-gloss surfaces are used to create a 21st century furniture.

Teljes vízállóság

Minden Tboss Elements bútor különleges, vízálló anyagokból készül. A kiemelkedő tulajdonságokkal rendelkező bambusz rétegelt lemez, kompaktlemez, és innovatív, vízálló kompozitlap biztosítják, hogy megvásárolt bútorainkra hosszú távon számíthassunk.

Egyedi design

A bútorok gondosan tervezett, egyedi dizájnnal rendelkeznek, amit méginkább személyre szabhatunk a különleges színek és anyagok kombinálásával, illetve a stílusunkhoz illeszkedő mosdó választásával.

Széles elemválaszték

Kollekciónk minden termékcsaládja egyedülállóan széles méret- és elemválasztékkal rendelkezik, ami kiegészül a különféle választható mosdótípusokkal. Így könnyen tervezhető bármely fürdőszobába tökéletesen illeszkedő és maximális helykihasználást biztosító összeállítás.

Premium collections

Mirror boxes

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Manufacturer warranty

We provide a 1-7 year warranty on our products. (depending on the product) 




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